Google Summer of Code/2016/Ideas/imapfw, the next mail framework

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imapfw, the next mail framework

OfflineIMAP is a python program included in Gentoo to synchronize emails via IMAP. Since some months, the imapfw project was started to become the next generation tool with a new approach and extended features.

There are various features that can be written for imapfw like:

  • enable syncing of mail between a local Maildir and a remote IMAP server
  • rewrite the offlineimap program with the framework
  • start a new in-house IMAP library

A more detailed page dedicated to the GSoC can be found on the OfflineIMAP website.

Contacts Required Skills

  • Python
  • Git
  • Read and understand RFCs
  • Not be afraid to write something new ,-p