Google Summer of Code/2016/Ideas/Stage4 Console Configurator

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Stage4 Console Configurator

This should be a console configuration and build tool for customizing a given stage3 tarball with user-selected packages and USE flags, and rebuilding into a deployable stage4 rootfs.

Basic Features:

  • Similar to "make menuconfig" for the kernel or buildroot
  • Input fields for packages, USE flags, bootloader, and kernel sources
    • use dependency resolution to verify selection, update make.conf
    • bootloader/kernel options should include "none"
  • Select input stage3 and output/logging destination, save/load configuration
  • Automated download, chroot, build, archive results
  • Support current autobuilds, experimental, hardened on all current arches
  • Use ncurses/slang/other, include internationalization support

Contacts Required Skills
  • Python and/or C, Kbuild/u-boot/buildroot (desired)
  • Git