Google Summer of Code/2016/Ideas/Extensions for the Gentoo Wiki

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Extensions for the Gentoo Wiki

If you're reading this, you're on the Gentoo Wiki. It has been the main documentation source for Gentoo for well over two years now. We have plenty of content, but need a few things added to the software, MediaWiki, to provide even better documentation. Here's a few things that need to be done:

  • Create a document export pipeline for PDF and common e-reader formats for the Gentoo Handbook that renders beautiful, print-quality files containing our most important piece of documentation whenever it is updated.
  • Improve Handbook navigation on smartphones: Currently, we share the Handbook navigation on all screen sizes in the form of a large box floating to the right of the content. That doesn't work on small screens. Your task is to think up and implement a better replacement.
  • Fork-a-page: We have quite a few content pages on the Wiki that are restricted. We'd like a way for contributors to fork pages that are read-only for them, implement improvements, and allow the privileged developers to merge them back in easily.
  • Kernel configuration documentation: Currently, we manually copy-paste the output of menuconfig entries to visualize Kernel configuration changes people need to get certain things done. We can do better: This extension should be able to ingest a set of .config parameters (CONFIG_FOO=M) and render the location and description for a set of current kernel versions.

The above list is neither exhaustive nor compulsory. We'll define a good set of tasks depending on your interests and abilities. If you have other tasks that you think need doing, do let us know.

Contacts Required Skills
  • Web tech (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • PHP
  • MediaWiki API (bonus)
  • Creativity