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Log Collector

Log collector/analyzer for tinderbox build logs

Flameeyes's tinderbox has been using a custom, spit-and-chewingum log collector and analyzer written in Ruby for a while. A replacement is dearly needed.

The ideal software would be a daemon service that receives build logs from Portage, both for storage in full and for metadata extraction (package name, maintainers, type of failure if any, emerge --info output, ...), and then provide a (password-protected) web interface that allows to read the failing logs, and open bugs at Gentoo's Bugzilla.

Bonus points for:

  • being completely standalone (current setup depends on Amazon's S3);
  • attaching logs instead of just linking them (size limits could make it hard to achieve);
  • searching for the list of already open bugs for the failing package;
  • proper integration with Portage so that no extra software is required on the tinderbox side to push the logs;
  • standard, HTTP-based protocol between the tinderbox and the collector, which can be proxied through Squid;
  • being written in Python to reduce the language fragmentation (current setup is written in Shell and Ruby).

Further information on Flameeyes's Weblog.

Contacts Required Skills
  • Python
  • Portage
  • Git