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The information in this article is representative of former times and has been archived as of 2013. It can be used for reference, but is most likely not appropriate for current usage. Generally, archived articles should not be edited.

GsoC 2013 with Gentoo

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Welcome to the Gentoo Wiki portal on Google's Summer of Code 2013.

Here, you will find all information on Gentoo's participation in this year's edition, how to apply for a project, what ideas we have and who to contact with any questions.

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Further resources

For students

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Getting help

In case your question was not answered on our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Here is how you can reach us:


Feb 12, 2013: Google announces GSoC 2013

Google has announced the launch of the 2013 edition of the Summer of Code on its open source blog.

The next step for us will be working on our application and ideas.

Important events

  • March 29, 1900 UTC: Organization application deadline
  • April 22, 1900 UTC: Student application period begins
  • May 3, 1900 UTC: Student application deadline
  • June 17: Start of coding
  • August 2, 1900 UTC: Midterm evaluation deadline
  • September 27, 1900 UTC: Final evaulation deadline

For more information, consult the official timeline.