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This page is a work in progress by Carel (talk | contribs). Treat its contents with caution.
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Currently there is some information describing how to package ruby gems but there are no instructions on how to install them on Gentoo. If you happen to have any information in regards to this please update this page. This page is meant to be Ruby's Gem equivalent of Python's Pip page on the Gentoo Wiki.

Ruby Gems

Describe how to list, search, review the available gems


Describe how to install gems


Describe how to list the installed Gems.


Describe how to update the gems on ones system.

This page is a stub !

I created it deliberately as there is hardly any information for Ruby on Gentoo. Periodically I maintain the Layman section of the GitlabHQ page. However when I hit a snafoo, like a required gem is missing it's really hard to figure out what to do to overcome it. Mostly since I'm a Pythonista and know very little about Ruby.

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