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Arx Libertatis

Arx Libertatis more

Arx Libertatis is a cross-platform, open-source port of Arx Fatalis, a 2002 first-person role-playing game / dungeon crawler developed by Arkane Studios. It features crafting, melee and ranged combat, as well as a unique casting system where the player draws runes in real time to effect the desired spell. It's a very dark and immersive RPG with cool fights, deep story and lots of ways to interact with the world around you (bake bread!). There is currently also a demo available (arx-fatalis-demo) and a data ebuild for cd and gog versions (arx-fatalis-data). View a YouTube demo here.

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Daimonin more

Daimonin is a MMORPG with isometric graphics best played in 800x600 resolution. The game has nice detailed graphics and background music. You can play a male or female human, half-elf, elf, dwarf or ogre with pierce, slash, impact or cleave attacks. You start at the mercenary guild hall in the human plane, later you can become a priest or join the magician guild in the demon plane. Your main mission is to prevent the creatures of Moroch to further infiltrate human plane and push them back to demon plane by killing as much of them as possible, but there are also some missions that are not fighting based, like collecting apples for making tasty cider. Daimonin is not only a game. It is also a community-driven open-source GPL-licensed project, as such it is possible to fork and extend Daimonin, but only the source code is GPL-licensed. As such, game content and story is excluded from the GPL. View a YouTube demo here.

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FreedroidRPG more

Freedroid RPG is an RPG with isometric graphics. In it, the player is Tux, who must fight rebelling robots in order to restore peace to humankind. To do so,Tux may take over robots in a minigame based off the classic game Paradroid, or may simply blast them to pieces with a weapon. View a YouTube demo here.

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RuneScape is the single most popular (by number of users) free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG). It is proprietary-licensed and paid membership is required for certain bonus features. It is set in Gielinor, a medieval fantasy realm that is divided into kingdoms such as, Falador, Lumbridge and Varrock, and regions such as the island, Karamja. In it users can communicate with other users, train skills (of which there are 27, with a new one added every couple of years, on average) and undertake quests. It has two officially-supported clients: an old (legacy) Java client and a newer NXT client that is written in C++. Its Java client can be accessed via Java-supporting web browsers (for example, Firefox) and the unofficial Unix RuneScape Client, which is available from unofficial overlays such as the sabayon overlay. Its NXT Client can be installed from the Portage tree with:

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Summoning Wars

Summoning Wars more

Summoning Wars is an open-source role-playing game, featuring both a single-player and a multiplayer mode for about 2 to 8 players. You start in a prison and will make your way through a magic world full of dangerous creatures and demons as you level your character. The game has a plot and fights are in real-time, a bit of hack&slay and old school RPG style mixed. View a YouTube demo here.

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The Mana World

The Mana World

The Mana World (TMW) is a serious effort to create an innovative free and open source MMORPG. TMW uses 2D graphics and aims to create a large and diverse interactive world. View a YouTube demo here.

The recommended client for playing is ManaPlus.

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Valyria Tear

Valyria Tear

Valyria Tear is an open-source single-player medieval fantasy 2D JRPG based on an extended Hero of Allacrost engine and inspired by classic console RPGs.
The player incarnates Bronann, a young boy forced to take part into the struggle for the possession of a mysterious crystal. This powerful artifact will lead him to discover the actual threat set upon his world, but also courage and love. View a YouTube demo here.

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