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I am pleased to report that in general the Gentoo Foundation is doing well. To keep our members list current, members are removed if they do not vote for two consecutive elections. The list as of 2020-06-20 is 74 members. I would like to give a special thank you to Robin Johnson (robbat2) for all the work he has invested to get our accounting records up to date. I'd also like to thank those involved with attaining and filing the (back) taxes for the last few years and finding the firm to help us do so.


There were two open seats for the term 2020/2021.

  • Matthew Thode (prometheanfire)
  • Aaron Bauman (bman)

Trustees from term 2019/2020

  • Alice Ferrazzi (alicef)
  • Alec Warner (antarus)
  • Robin H. Johnson (robbat2)

Gentoo Foundation

[1] Foundation Main Page

[2] All Gentoo Foundation Pages

Items of interest

  • [3] New server for SPARC64 team (~$3300USD)
  • Replacement parts for IA64 rx6600 system (~$700USD)
  • Nitrokey initiative for developers (Foundation paid discount rates, $5000 budgeted, ~$4600USD spent)
  • Cloud Services: $2k USD for arm64 and amd64
  • The Foundation retained tax services and settled ALL outstanding tax obligations using previously earmarked financial reserves. (~$25k USD)

Record Keeping

[4] 2019 meeting irc logs

[5] 2019 meeting motions

[6] gentoo-nfp mail archives

Members List

Foundation:Member List

Activity Tracker

Foundation:Activity Tracker