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Presidents Report for 2016 to 2017


While the past year has been spent mostly playing catching on the financial side of things, there have been a few other things going on. Mainly do do with where we stand organizationally. Thanks to NeddySeagoon for helping me get up to speed and get going on things fairly quickly.

D&O Insurance

We were looking for coverage to help limit the liability directors can be hit with, but all quotes looked too expensive. (more than twice the cost we were looking for (1000USD/YR))

E&O insurance

We were also offered a quote for this as well, but it was not something we were looking for initially and it was also very expensive.

Meet with the European Gentoo e.V. foundation It went well, but was not able to have an in depth meeting. My impression is that their primary function is to hold the Gentoo copyright in the EU.

Working closer with the council There were a few attempts to start conversations around this but they all got derailed fairly quickly. I may pick this up again.

August 2017 Trustee Election Results

  • zlg
  • alicef
  • kensington

Congratulations, Thank you and I'm sorry (for more work)

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