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Gentoo Foundation activity tracking checklist.


Foundation Activity Checklist

It has been fairly obvious that for a number of years one of the biggest problem the Foundation struggles with is remembering to take care of things that need to be taken care of on some kind of periodic interval. We forget to file and let our foundation become inactive. We forget to renew trademarks until the last minute, and so on.

To help improve this we have created a simple and effective periodic activity tracking checklist.

Recurring Activities

Activity & Status

Who Activity Last Performed Next Due Frequency Legal Status
Secretary Initiate Trustee Election July 2024 June - July 2025 (announce June recording date) Nominally Annual Required by law
Secretary Announce AGM meeting via email: g-foundation-announce, g-project, g-nfp lists July 2023 At least 10 days, but not greater than 60 days before meeting Annual Aug AGM Required by law
Treasurer Treasurer's Report Aug-2023 Aug-2024 At annual meeting Required
President President's Report Aug-2023 Aug-2024 At annual meeting Required?
Trustees Hold Annual Meeting 27-Aug-2023 Aug/Sep-2024 NMT 13 months Required
Treasurer IRS Return 990 / Form 1120 September 2023, for FY2023 ending 2023/06/30] 15-Nov-2024 Annual by 4.5 months from end of FY (15-Nov), extensions available Required
Secretary/Treasurer Annual Report - New Mexico Oct-2022 15-Nov-2023 Annual by 4.5 months from end of FY Required
Trustees Gentoo name trademark (Serial #78323023, Registration #2966511) affirmation of use 07-Aug-2015 12-Jul-2024 - 14-Jul-2025 9-10 yr anniversaries from 12-Jul-2005 Required
Trustees Gentoo logo trademark (Serial #78323020, Registration #3102948) affirmation of use 04-Jun-2016 13-Jun-2025 - 15-Jun-2026 9-10 yr anniversaries from 13-Jun-2006 Required
Secretary/President Send email to people listed Consultants are still valid (one month response time) 18-Dec-2016 17-Dec-2017 (estimated) Yearly Highly desirable
Secretary/President Prune non-voting members August 2023 After election Annual Highly desirable
Treasurer/Infra Domain renewals (questionable scope) 27-Jul-2020 Aug-2029 Per renewal terms. Highly desirable

Changing of the guard process

  1. add/remove email alias
  2. op/deop trustees
    1. /msg chanserv flags $CHANNEL *!*@gentoo/developer/$DEVNAME trustee
  3. update nm filing
  4. update wiki main page
    1. update wiki perms
  5. update git perms
  6. bugzilla




  • Trustees - email, trustees at

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