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On 2024-02-03 and 2024-02-04, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting FOSDEM 2024 will take place in Brussels, Belgium.

Naturally a Gentoo crowd will be there. Unfortunately, however, this year Gentoo Linux has not been granted a stand. Also, sadly, for another year there will be no official Beer Event.

Users and Developers available at FOSDEM

Please add yourself alphabetically if you're not listed yet!


Nick Arrival Departure Will be at Dinner (Sat?) Talk Comments
Andreas K. Hüttel (Dilfridge) thursday late night monday noon Yes No
Ulrich Müller (ulm) Friday noon Sunday evening Yes No


Nick Arrival Departure Will be at Dinner (Sat?) Talk Comments
DarthGandalf Friday afternoon Monday morning Yes No
Thymo Thursday afternoon Sunday evening No No
Neutroniak Friday afternoon Tuesday morning Yes No
Hans Ulli Kroll (Elektroman) Thursday afternoon Wednesday evening Yes No

Gentoo dinner and other social events

We recommend you join #gentoo-fosdem (webchat) for last minute notices.


There will be no official beer event on Friday. It is not known yet if an unofficial event will be held instead.


There will be a Gentoo dinner on Saturday evening. Please sign up above so we know the approximate number of participants.

Let's meet 18:20 sharp in front of the H2 building infostand and make our way to the city centre. Yes I know this may be cutting the last talk(s) sharp, but at least the trams won't be packed yet. :)