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On Saturday 1st February and Sunday 2nd February 2020, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting FOSDEM 2020 will take place in Brussels, Belgium.

Naturally a Gentoo crowd will be there; this page will collect public information about our presence, and help with organizing stuff.

Users and Developers available at FOSDEM

Please add yourself alphabetically if you're not listed yet!


Nick Arrival Departure Signed up for stand time Will be at Beer Event (Fri) Will be at Dinner (Sat) Talk Comments
James Le Cuirot (Chewi) Friday evening Sunday evening No Later (~21h) Yes No Employer has paid for trip so need to attend talks and not just hang around the Gentoo stall!
Marek Szuba (Marecki) Friday evening Sunday evening Yes to be seen Yes, possibly +1 No
Ulrich Müller (ulm) Friday noon Sunday evening not yet Yes Yes No
Thomas Deutschmann (Whissi) Friday noon Monday morning not yet Yes Yes No Takes responsibility for stand / organize dinner
Andrey Utkin (Andrey.utkin) Wednesday Mid following week not yet Yes (is there one?) Yes. With family if OK. No Nickname: "andrey_utkin".
David Seifert (Soap) Friday evening Monday morning not yet Yes Yes No
Andrew Savchenko (Bircoph) Friday evening Monday morning not yet Yes Yes No
Michael Haubenwallner (Haubi) Thursday noon Monday afternoon not yet Yes+2 Yes+2 No
Mikle Kolyada (Zlogene) Thursday morning Monday morning not yet Yes Yes No
Amy Liffey (Amynka) Friday evening Monday morning not yet Yes Yes No


Nick Arrival Departure Will be at Beer Event (Fri) Will be at Dinner (Sat) Talk Comments
YOU Early Late Yes Yes No Bringing good mood and finished quizzes


Friday Sunday Not sure Yes No Perhaps ofer a lift from WW ...
Michael Everitt (veremit) Thurs/Fri (tbc) Monday morning Yes! Yes No Quizzes, Musl-Gentoo-on-Pi?
Thomas Jespersen (laumann) Friday evening Sunday afternoon Hopefully! Maybe? No

Gentoo stand

Gentoo will have a stand at TBA fosdem stands

The following is an hour-by-hour schedule of who is running the stand. The plan is to have always two devs present, with overlapping two-hour slots (i.e., 10h-12h, 12h-14h, ... and 9h-11h, 11h-13h, 13h-15h, ...) (At start and end there are shorter slots, but these obviously also involve build-up and teardown.)

Saturday Sunday
Hours Developer 1 Developer 2 Developer 1 Developer 2
0900 Somebody Marek Szuba (Marecki) Everybody Nobody
1000 Body Bag Body Lotion
1100 Body Tag Body of Evidence
1200 Body, Legislative Body, lack of
1300 Body Shop Body Double
1400 BMI Somebody
1500 Anybody Everybody
1600 Nobody Somebody
1700 Anybody Everybody

Gentoo dinner


We'll meet (as every year) for the traditional Gentoo dinner on saturday evening.

Place: Chez Léon, rue des Bouchers 18, 1000 Brussels (in centre) Hour 20:00 (8pm)

Places: TBA Price: 32,25€ (menu B3/C2/E4, see page 7 of PDF brochure).

PDF Brochure (EN)

Gentoo OpenPGP Web of Trust

Gentoo will not host a key signing party this year, but participants are encouraged to exchange and verify OpenPGP key data to build the Gentoo Web of Trust. Please bring printed information of the key fingerprint and various UIDs you want certified along with a valid governmental ID matching the UID. You can use a service like to generate such a key slip.

A graph of the curent WoT and keyblock statistics