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crossdev is a set of wrapper scripts that provides cross-compilation capability to Portage. It is written in bash and is dependent on a basic Gentoo subsystem.

crossdev was originally written by Joshua Kinard (kumba).



root #emerge --ask sys-devel/crossdev

Crossdev overlay

Consider creating a local repository overlay for crossdev in order to avoid crossdev from choosing a seemingly random repository to store packages.


Please note that the -S option (for stable) should not be used on arches with no stable keywords or a mixed (unstable, inconsistent) profile, e.g. mips or riscv.


user $crossdev --help
Usage: crossdev [options] --target TARGET

    --b, --binutils ver      Specify version of binutils to use
    --g, --gcc ver           Specify version of gcc to use
    --k, --kernel ver        Specify version of kernel headers to use
    --l, --libc ver          Specify version of libc to use
                                Note: versions support depend atom syntaxes:
                                 e.g. ">=2.20" "~4.6.1" "=2.13.1-r3"
    -A, --abis abis          Specify ABIs to build, first one is the default
    --host-abi abi           Specify the ABI of the compiler itself
    --env env                Specify env settings for all packages (see below)
    --[bdgkl]env env         Specify env settings for binutils/gdb/gcc/kernel/libc
                                Note: make sure to quote: 'VAR="some value"\nFOO="cow"'
    -f, --force              I don't need a seat belt!
    -S, --stable             Use latest stable versions as default
    -C, --clean target       Uninstall specified target
    -P, --portage opts       Options to pass to emerge (see emerge(1))
    --with[out]-headers      Build C library headers before C compiler?
    --show-fail-log          If the build fails, dump the failing log

Overlay Options:
    -oS, --overlays list     Space delimited list of overlays to search
                                [default: `portageq repositories_configuration`]
    -oO, --ov-output path    Overlay to write crossdev package links
                                [default: uses repo with name 'crossdev', or
                                 'cross-${CTARGET}', or falls back to first
                                 from --overlays list]
    -ob, --ov-binutils path  Overlay for binutils ebuilds [default: search]
    -od, --ov-gdb path       Overlay for gdb ebuilds [default: search]
    -og, --ov-gcc path       Overlay for gcc ebuilds [default: search]
    -ok, --ov-kernel path    Overlay for kernel ebuilds [default: search]
    -ol, --ov-libc path      Overlay for C library ebuilds [default: search]
    -ox, --ov-extra path     Overlay for extra packages [default: search]

Stage Options:
    -s0, --stage0            Build just binutils
    -s1, --stage1            Also build a bare C compiler (no C library/
                                C++/shared GCC libs/C++ exceptions/etc...)
    -s2, --stage2            Also build kernel headers
    -s3, --stage3            Also build the C library
    -s4, --stage4            Also build a full compiler [default]
                                (shared libs GCC/various lang frontends/etc...)

External Tooling Options:
    --show-target-cfg        Display target settings that crossdev will use
    --init-target            Setup config/overlay/etc... files only

Extra Fun (must be run after above stages):
    --ex-only                Skip the stage steps above
    --ex-gcc                 Build extra gcc targets (gcj/ada/etc...)
    --ex-gdb                 Build a cross gdb
    --ex-pkg pkg             Build extra packages (may be used multiple times)

Target (-t) takes a tuple ARCH-VENDOR-OS-LIBC; see 'crossdev -t help'

To see the supported architectures, C libraries, and special targets:

user $crossdev --target help
Supported Architectures:
   - alpha                                     - arm / armeb / aarch64
   - hppa (parisc)                             - ia64
   - i386 / i486 / i586 / i686 (x86)           - m68k
   - mips / mipsel / mips64 / mips64el
   - powerpc (ppc) / powerpc64 (ppc64)
   - sparc / sparc64                           - s390 / s390x
   - sh / sh[1-5] / sh64                       - x86_64 (amd64)
Supported C Libraries:
   - glibc (gnu)
   - klibc       [prob wont work]
   - musl
   - newlib      [bare metal/no operating system]
   - uclibc      [not all arches are ported]
Special Targets:
   - avr
   - bfin
   - h8300
   - mingw32
   - mingw64
   - msp430
   - nds32
   - nios2
   - xc16x
   - ee / iop / dvp (ps2) [Playstation 2 targets]
   - ppu / spu (cell) [Cell/Playstation 3 targets]
Softfloat toolchains:
   Include 'softfloat' in the 'vendor' field
   e.g. armeb-softfloat-linux-uclibc  powerpc-booya_softfloat-linux-gnu



root #emerge --ask --depclean --verbose sys-devel/crossdev

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