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Brave is a web browser focused on privacy - blocking trackers and advertisements.

Brave is not present in the Gentoo ebuild repository, but can be installed from the Brave ebuild repository. Brave is distributed as a binary package, which should not impact usage performance.



The following must be installed in order for this to work properly. The programs needed for this work are: app-eselect/eselect-repository and dev-vcs/git.

Skip this part if eselect-repository and dev-vcs/git are already installed.

root #emerge --ask app-eselect/eselect-repository dev-vcs/git

To see the list of available repositories, issue the following command.

root #eselect repository list

The result is quite long. Use less to scroll through all of the repositories or grep to search the repository the list. For example, to find the brave repository:

root #eselect repository list | grep brave
[51] brave-overlay (link to the overlay)

Set Portage to use the Brave ebuild repository

Issue the command to configure the Brave ebuild repository for Portage. Then, synchronize that repository:

root #eselect repository enable brave-overlay
root #emaint sync -r brave-overlay


Install Brave:

root #emerge --ask brave-bin

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