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The Blue Yeti Pro is a high quality, USB condenser microphone. It is popular among streaming.

Getting the Blue Yeti Pro operational in Gentoo requires the USB Audio/MIDI driver to be built-in to the kernel or, at minimum, snd-usb-audio built as a module.



Device Make/model Status Bus ID Kernel driver(s) Kernel version Notes
USB microphone Blue Yeti Pro Works 074d:0002 snd-usb-audio (when built as a module) 4.4.1 Enable kernel option SND_USB_AUDIO in the kernel.



KERNEL Enable support for SND_USB_AUDIO
Device Drivers -->
   Sound card support -->
      Advanced Linux Sound Architecture -->
         USB sound devices -->
            <*> USB Audio/MIDI driver


Simply use the application of choice to select the Blue Yeti microphone as the system's input device.

See also

  • lsusb - A utility for listing devices attached to system via the USB bus.

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