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BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) is a software system for volunteer computing. It lets people donate time on their home computers and smartphones to science research projects.



To run some projects, you need vsyscall emulation enabled:

KERNEL Enable vsyscall support
Processor type and features --->
    vsyscall table for legacy applications (None) --->
        (X) Emulate

USE flags

USE flags for sci-misc/boinc The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing

X Add support for X11
cuda Enable NVIDIA CUDA support (computation on GPU)
opencl Enable OpenCL support (computation on GPU)


root #emerge --ask sci-misc/boinc

Additional software


Some applications can be built from source with CPU-native optimizations and used via anonymous platform. A couple of them are currently packaged in GURU:


To learn about configuration files and environment variables, refer to the Client configuration article of the BOINC user manual.


To be able to use CUDA or OpenCL, you should add the boinc user to the video group:

root #gpasswd -a boinc video

To use the BOINC Manager and the boinccmd command-line tool, add youself to the boinc group[1]:

root #gpasswd -a <user> boinc

Changes will not take effect until you sign out and then sign in again (re-login).



root #rc-service boinc start
root #rc-update add boinc default

The OpenRC service also supports some common tasks, such as attaching to a new project and suspending work.



root #emerge --ask --depclean --verbose sci-misc/boinc

Finally, remove BOINC's state directory:

root #rm -r /var/lib/boinc

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