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Zathura is a free, plugin-based document viewer. Plugins are available for PDF (via poppler or MuPDF), PostScript, DjVu, and EPUB. It was written to be lightweight and controlled with vi-like keybindings.


USE flags

USE flags for app-text/zathura A highly customizable and functional document viewer

magic Use libmagic to determine mimetypes
sqlite Add support for sqlite - embedded sql database
synctex Use libsynctex to get latex codeline from pdf

USE flags for app-text/zathura-meta Meta package for app-text/zathura plugins

cb Install plug-in for ComicBook support
djvu Support DjVu, a PDF-like document format esp. suited for scanned documents
postscript Enable support for the PostScript language (often with ghostscript-gpl or libspectre)


Install app-text/zathura and app-text/zathura-meta:

root #emerge --ask app-text/zathura
root #emerge --ask app-text/zathura-meta


IF you use xdg-open, you might like to set it to be your default PDF application:

user $xdg-mime default zathura.desktop application/pdf