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This article provides instructions for enabling touchscreen support for Wacom devices such as laptops, tablets, and ultrabooks, and the like.



The following option is likely necessary for proper tablet functionality, even if the device is not an Intuos/Graphire tablet as it says in the description.

KERNEL Kernel config
Device drivers --->
   HID support --->
      HID bus support --->
         Special HID drivers --->
            <*> Wacom Intuos/Graphire tablet support (USB)

Recent touchscreen models may need other options like I2C_HID_ACPI (for a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 16ALC7 82RA):

KERNEL Kernel config
Device drivers --->
   I2C support --->
      <M> I2C support
      I2C Hardware Bus support --->
      <M> Intel PIIX4 and compatible (ATI/AMD/Serverworks/Broadcom/SMSC) (I2C_PIIX4)
   HID support --->
      I2C HID support --->
         <M> HID over I2C transport layer ACPI driver (I2C_HID_ACPI)

Some tablet models may also require these options:

KERNEL Additional config
Device drivers --->
   Input device support --->
      [*] Tablets --->
         <*> Wacom protocol 4 serial tablet support--->
      [*] Touchscreens --->
         <*> Wacom W8001 penabled serial touchscreen
         <*> Wacom Tablet support (I2C)

Userspace driver

After kernel is configured, update the INPUT_DEVICES Portage variable using the wacom driver:

FILE /etc/portage/make.confSet INPUT_DEVICES
INPUT_DEVICES="wacom libinput"

After setting the INPUT_DEVICES variable remember to update the system using the following command so the changes take effect:

root #emerge --ask --changed-use --deep @world

You should also create Xorg config file so that Xorg knows which driver should be used for the tablet. Example:

FILE /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/42-libinput.conf
Section "InputClass"
        Identifier "Tablet"
        Driver "wacom"
        MatchIsTablet "on"

Xinput2 multitouch

The default setting of the wacom xinput driver has "gesture emulation".

When disabled, true multitouch events will be emitted instead and it can be used with Firefox multitouch.

Section "InputClass"
	Identifier "Wacom class"
	MatchProduct "Wacom|WACOM|Hanwang|PTK-540WL|ISDv4|ISD-V4|ISDV4"
	MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"

	Driver "wacom"
	Option "Gesture" "off"


To list detected devices in the terminal, try xsetwacom. This command also allows tweaking things such as stylus buttons and draw space, but keep in mind that more work is necessary to make the changes persist after exiting an X session (see this discussion).

user $xsetwacom --list devices
Wacom One by Wacom S Pen stylus         id: 15  type: STYLUS    
Wacom One by Wacom S Pen eraser         id: 16  type: ERASER