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This article provides a list of some of the Version Control Systems available in Gentoo Linux.

Available software

This is a partial selection of VCSs available in Gentoo. See dev-vcs package category on packages.g.o, or use a package query tool such as eix.

Name Package Description sync-type
CVS dev-vcs/cvs Concurrent Versions System - source code revision control tools. cvs
git dev-vcs/git Distributed VCS designed for speed and efficiency. git
Mercurial dev-vcs/mercurial Scalable distributed SCM. mercurial
RCS dev-vcs/rcs Revision Control System.
SVN dev-vcs/subversion Apache Subversion svn

See also

  • Etckeeper — a collection of tools to store /etc in a VCS (version control) repository, to keep a backup of changes to system configuration files
  • Dispatch-conf — a utility included with Portage, used to safely and conveniently manage configuration files after package updates.
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