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(see my user page for work in progress if the wip doesn't do it in 'private' messages)

please rename manual overlay to 'local overlay' when you are done merging your edits into


welcome to the wiki and thanks for participating! =D

666threesixes666 (talk) 21:53, 12 October 2013 (UTC)

Oh, didn't think this would be noticed so quickly. Thanks. I'll put up the WIP template. slowpoke (talk) 05:36, 13 October 2013 (UTC)

freenode irc channel #gentoo-wiki has a bot that shows all edits and changes to the wiki, including user pages. i use text files to build wiki pages, then post directly & preview before publish. kurly gave me some overlay info the other day i just hadn't gotten around to installing, testing, & posting. so thanks! i actually need to get a local overlay to post better version bump requests for packages, stating if ebuild works, or posting patches. 666threesixes666 (talk) 06:03, 13 October 2013 (UTC)