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Hello Pauledd! You asked a question about the manual compilation of the Raspberry Pi kernel.

I have a question. Its a bit unclear to me where to run the manual compilation. On my ordinary amd64 gentoo or does it has to be done in the above mentioned chroot-quemu method or is it needed to be done on an existing arm system?

The article presents different approaches (or ways). In my opinion, the article should be restructured with particular attention to transitions.

You may choose to compile the kernel or use a compiled kernel. The manual compilation has to be done either on your ordinary system, either on an existing Raspberry Pi or in the QEMU-chroot. The first time (and others), you may boot the default kernel provided by the developpers of the Raspberry Pi and then compile your own kernel on the Raspberry Pi or you may build the kernel using cross-compilation or you may use QEMU. The three methods may be used to compile the kernel.

--Feng (talk) 15:35, 19 October 2017 (UTC)