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Somewhere between net-vpn/wireguard-0.0.20180420 + net-misc/netifrc-0.5.1 and net-vpn/wireguard-0.0.20181119 + net-misc/netifrc-0.6.1 (that is between May and Nov 2018), a script that is needed for openrc was moved (from wireguard to netifrc)... Namely that is /lib/netifrc/net/ (or /lib64/netifrc/net/ that breaks openrc init systems relying on wireguard.

As of now (net-vpn/wireguard-0.0.20181119), net-misc/netifrc-0.6.1 is required for openrc (not sure about systemd-based boxes).

May be better to submit that to Jason to add as RDEPEND in the ebuild?

5.6 is released now, this could use a touchup and a release to the main wiki -Ajak (talk) 03:33, 29 May 2020 (UTC)