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On the Gentoo TV Tuner page, I'm not seeing the following within my linux kernel 5.4.38 config: <*> Support for various USB DVB devices v2 (select devices here, eg.) <M> ITE IT913X DVB-T USB2.0 Support

I usually configure my kernel with only required kernel modules/drivers, and this DVB-T driver is likely intended for Europe and/or Satellite and/or your particular hardware scenario, rather than ATSC/US related tuners. Since everybody's hardware scenario is different, think I purposely left-out including specific DVB hardware drivers. I know mostly for owners of Hauppauge DVB tuners, it's easy with Hauppauge hardware, as selecting the hardware driver automataically enables all other required hardware driver dependencies.

Thanks Roger. I am running on old kernel (3.10) where I pasted that from so maybe the module has been moved around, not sure why the kernel module would not be visible due to PAL/NTSC though. I have run several different tuners and this has always been the section and the way I enabled the modules, feel free to amend it if it's incorrect. I added because I was editing the MythTV doc and stumbled across the TV tuner page and the kernel modules part looked empty so pasted the info there too. :) Gavlee (talk) 19:26, 11 June 2020 (UTC)
Since the TV tuner kernel driver section is unique for each user depending upon their purchased hardware make/model, I likely left it blank. I don't get much time nowadays for computer related tasks. I use Hauppauge TV tuners here, and your driver(s) are likely not needed for Hauppage hardware. --Roger (talk) 04:29, 22 June 2020 (UTC)