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Installation options for Gentoo on ARM

Installing Gentoo on ARM is not always a straightforward process. Generally, two scenarios need to be distinguished:

  1. The user already has access to an ARM system running Linux
  2. The user does not yet have access to an ARM system already running Linux

Without a working Linux command line environment installing Gentoo on ARM is usually not possible. Furthermore it is necessary to have root privileges in that command line environment, as well as network access and access to the storage device on which Gentoo is to be installed.

Depending on the scenario at hand, different procedures of installing Gentoo are applicable and available.

Access to Linux on ARM is already available

If the user already has access to an ARM system that provides a Linux command line environment, Gentoo can be installed the traditional way.

Access to Linux on ARM is not available yet

In case the user only has access to a Linux command line environment running on a system based on an architecture other than ARM, there are two suitable approaches on how to install Gentoo:

To be able to emulate the ARM system the command line environment must support virtualization.