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Community member
Name Oskari Pirhonen
Nickname xxc3nsoredxx
PGP fingerprint
7525 F304 6DB9 97E7 7A7C BBDC E849 5359 E340 BA26
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Gentoo user since 2016

Pages I've created

These pages reside in the Main namespace, so they're potentially more useful.


Instructions for authenticating with PAM using a YubiKey in U2F mode. Can be used to create single- and multi-factor authentication schemes on Linux. Supports YubiKey Edge(-n), NEO(-n), and 4 series and later devices. Currently does not work for remote login such as SSH.

PAM securetty

Instructions for using PAM to restrict the TTYs root is able to authenticate on. The relevant PAM module is

Other stuff

These pages have content that is unfit for the Main namespace for one reason or another. This is not a complaint, but instead I commend the Wiki maintainers for their efforts in keeping the Main namespace up to standards.

User:xxc3nsoredxx/Running without logind

Experimental setup for running a normal installation without logind. More adventurous users might find it an interesting thing to play around with, but don't expect much sympathy from the devs if things break.