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The #gentoo-proxy-maint (webchat) IRC channel on the Freenode network is intended for getting assistance with ebuild development, advise on package management, and other things related to downstream package maintenance. While the channel is not as strict as other Gentoo IRC channels (having significantly less users), there are a few rules and guidelines that should be abided by to ensure a productive environment.

Note that using the channel indicates implicit acceptance of this policy.

  • The topic of the channel is ebuild development and package maintenance within Gentoo by proxied maintainers, and the management of the Proxy Maintainers project.
    • Discussions not supporting package maintenance or the operation of the project in some way are considered off-topic.
  • Off-topic chat is not discouraged provided it does not interfere with on-topic discussions. Keep in mind, however, that this is a project channel, not a chat channel.
  • Pastes over three (3) lines should be sent to a pastebin and the link to the paste provided instead.
  • Because of the varied nature of Gentoo users and the varied environments in which they might use Gentoo, the channel has a strict language policy, meaning that anything you wouldn't dare say to your proverbial grandmother, you shouldn't say in #gentoo-proxy-maint (webchat).
    • The use of expletives is strongly discouraged.
    • Similarly, sexist, racist, or other derogatory remarks will not be tolerated.
  • Like the users, Gentoo Developers volunteer their time to contributing to Gentoo. As such, accidents can happen, and we're happy to work with you to rectify any such issue; however trolling and berating is not acceptable and won't be tolerated in the channel.

Anyone not abiding by the channel policy may end up being kicked from the channel or with a temporary or permanent ban from the channel, depending on the circumstance and severity of the incident.

If you have been banned and wish to get the ban lifted, you will need to discuss it with the operator who banned you - a ban enacted by one developer may not be lifted by another developer unless the banning developer is absent for a significant period of time or has left the project.