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Other kernels

The following other kernels are available in the Gentoo repository. Those which are officially supported by the Kernel Project are marked as such.

Name Kernel project
Description Maintainer
aufs-sources Full sources (incl. Gentoo patchset) for the linux kernel tree and aufs4 support
ck-sources Gentoo's genpatches for Linux 4.18, with Con Kolivas' MuQSS process scheduler.
git-sources The very latest -git version of the Linux kernel
hardened-sources Hardened kernel sources (kernel series 4.9)
mips-sources Linux-Mips GIT sources for MIPS-based machines, dated 20180705
pf-sources Linux kernel fork with new features (-ck patchset (BFS), BFQ, TuxOnIce and UKSM)
raspberrypi-sources Raspberry PI kernel sources
rt-sources Full Linux 4.18 kernel sources with the CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT patch
vanilla-sources Full sources for the Linux kernel
xbox-sources Full sources for the Xbox Linux kernel
zen-sources The Zen Kernel Live Sources
freebsd-sources FreeBSD kernel sources