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Gentoo kernel CI is a autonomous kernel building and testing system based on buildbot.


if you want a user account please ask to Alicef


contribute is welcome

Mirror of linux-patches on Github


  • Stabilize kernel for different architectures
  • Create Qemu kernel testing image
  • Build kernel upon github pull request and git push
  • Updated buildbot to 0.9.7
  • Added 4.12 4.11 4.10
  • Added password file for keeping password safe

Todo (if you have any idea please add it here):

  • Use a kernel testing suit
  • Secure the failure trigger on failure (as now there are some false positive)
  • Mailing system
  • Name the steps
  • auto cleaning feature

Using Github

With Github changes are immediate, there is no need to wait. The result is also display near the commit on Github.

Testing before committing

we can just send a pull request toward a branch with the needed changes to

Using Git

With git we are using a time check done every 10 minutes.
So the build can take some time before starting.

Testing before committing

making a branch like 4.11_001 will test the new commit in the new branch

root #git checkout 4.11
root #git branch 4.11_001

change files

root #git push -u origin 4.11_001

check buildbot that is building the pushed branch

for removing the branch

root #git push origin --delete 4.11_001

for removing it locally

root #git branch -D 4.11_001


pushing files to will start to run some test for stabilizing the package.
enabled only for:

If you want to add other packages please ask to alicef