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Alexander Turenko
Moscow, Russia
Contact info
en-1This user is able to contribute with a basic level of English.
ruThis user is a native speaker of Russian.

I sporadically contribute to articles, mainly when something confused me in existing one or when I found some useful stuff that is desirable for some article.

Even more sporadically I translate some stuff to Russian. I cherish the hope that once well-organized Russian translations team will appear on Gentoo Wiki. That’s impossible while translators make its contributions w/o respect to any guidelines and more-or-less formal process. Personally I don’t feel good with current non-organized translation process, because articles tends to be poor and inconsistent, and any things that a translator got under belt will forgotten and lost. That’s primary reason why I don’t very excited to participate in translations for now.

Other side of that feeling that I will very glad to help a person who is interested in build up processes and a documentation for Russian translation team. There is only one requirement for me to participate in such initiative: feeling that it ends with something that will help to improve articles quality and tends translators’ effort to be accumulative.

Question about my contribution?

I’m not so strong in English writing, so my contributions to source articles need some grammar and style review. If you want to adapt my English wording for easier reading, don’t mind and do it. Thank you!

I am glad to make accurate Russian translations (both in semantics and style), so I don’t restrict myself to just processing untranslated pages. If I have edited your translation and you couldn’t agree with my version, please let me know. I am open to any discussions.

Stuff for translators

  • The translators howto and the glossary from project (project closed, but stuff become actual).
  • Newly created glossary for Russian translations of that wiki. Now it’s just draft for raising discussions around it, but in the future it can became one of Russian translation team document.