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These are my notes on installing Gentoo on a Dell XPS 13.

Installation Environment

Getting a reasonable LiveCD environment was not a straightforward process.

  1. The standard Gentoo minimal install medium does not have the necessary wireless drivers.
  2. The System Rescue CD has a very specific version of NetworkManager ( which does not work with this particular hardware combination.
  3. The Arch LiveCD it is, then.

Since we're using a non-Gentoo installation environment, we need to follow some instructions outside the handbook, as shown at the Alternative Installation Guide.

Filesystem Preparation

I've decided to go with a simple non-lvm partitioning scheme. I'm not messing with GPT or the likes.

  1. /boot partition, 256MB
  2. swap partition, 8GB
  3. / partition, 32GB
  4. /home partition, everything else.