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Welcome to my user space page! Space is the best place to make toast. Here I'll try and tell you what I'm all about.

About Me

I am a Toast from Space. I tend to learn rather quickly, and like proper, full explanations for things (which I try to write when I can't find any). I tend to tinker a lot, so many under-used under-documented projects / processes potentially / eventually benefit from this.

What I Do


I do a lot of weird stuff, and you can check my github account here. Here are a couple of my currently ongoing stuff that aren't completely irrelevant.

  • Working on a new wiki page for Runit and related software, check the discussion page! (note: abandoned for a variety of reasons)
  • My zsh framework (see github).
  • Contributing to various projects whenever I run into something I actually use that has a minor detail that irritates me (contribution being a fix to the irritant, of course).


I work in a telecommunications company. My responsibilities currently are:

  • Managing the entire multinational company's infrastructure.
  • Architecting scalable Multi-DC solutions (generally using ansible).
  • Analyzing software bottlenecks and writing reports on how/where they occur and how they may be fixed.
  • Fixing things others can't seem to figure out

In short I'm a magical fairy that gets given tasks no one can figure out only to ignore the resulting output later.

On The Wiki

Elsewhere in Gentoo

  • Occasional trips to the forums
  • Sitting around in #gentoo-chat and helping out when I notice someone's having a problem
  • Bug reports (and sometimes patches) for stuff I happened to break while experimenting with