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Place holder for maintainer notes.

slic3r forks that share a lot of code but provide different features


  • The only really supported build by upstream is fully static with vendorized deps
  • Requires wxGTK 3.1 but works with wxGTK 3.2 if GLCanvas EGL is disabled, otherwise does not render the build plate view. Fedora have EGL disabled in wxGTK and all the related packages, forcing the xwayland to be used for those that uses wxGTK
  • Upstream will not care much about new boost interfaces or other breaking changes and is very slow at incorporating them.
  • Because the only tested code path is internal vendorized static build, heavy patching is usually required.


  • The direct upstream of this project is prusaslicer however the codebase is vastly different and there's no feature parity with prusaslicer.
  • Upstream is usually halted until new release randomly drops
  • Upstream pushes all the headers into PHC (precompiled header) meaning that unless we enable it, some heavy patching literally everywhere is required to build this project.
  • The current version is based off prusaslicer 2.5.0 and supports only wxGTK 3.0, does not builds with wxGTK 3.2.
  • The codebase is far behind prusaslicer in terms of buildablity on modern systems, requires ridiculous about of patching and in general is not regarded as well kept, every new release requires hours of manual work to get it build.