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Hello world!

I'll add more later. "It's done when it's done".
I am notoriously hard to reach and will ignore notifications for years and then come back to answer like nothing happened.

I just found my first retirement goal: Fix up all my gentoo wiki userspace stubs

There is no security by obscurity, tutorializing my whole infrastructure setup will just increase the chances of a free security audit, rather than aiding an attacker. I will write entire paragraphs as a question sometimes.
intuitve I will propably answer them myself at some point, but feel free to leave an edit with an answer. Please do the same if you see a blatant dangerous or insecure pratice.
I will switch my laptops, workstation and server infrastructure to specialised Gentoo installs.
As a data oriented developer I also want to setup, maintain and administer all my infrastructure in a data oriented way; focus on creating a reliable tool that will protect it's data.