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nwg-shell is a project that provides certain GUI-desktop tools for tiling window managers like Template:Sway and Template:Hyprland. nwg-shell in configured using a GUI that the project provides. It's gui can also be used to configure sway and hyprland to a certain extent. It does that by changing the config files of hyprland and sway. But the config files can still be touched by the user and changed manually.


The nwg project consists of several more or less independent packages:

  • app-misc/nwg-look
  • app-misc/nwg-shell-wallpapers
  • gui-apps/nwg-bar
  • gui-apps/nwg-displays
  • gui-apps/nwg-dock
  • gui-apps/nwg-dock-hyprland
  • gui-apps/nwg-drawer
  • gui-apps/nwg-icon-picker
  • gui-apps/nwg-launchers
  • gui-apps/nwg-menu
  • gui-apps/nwg-panel
  • gui-apps/nwg-shell
  • gui-apps/nwg-shell-config

Most of these packages loosely depend on each each but can be used standalone as well.


After installing gui-apps/nwg-shell run `nwg-shell-installer -a`


To install on hyprland run `nwg-shell-insaller -a -hypr`


To take screenshots using he indicator in the tray: gui-apps/grim gui-apps/swappy gui-apps/slurp