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Hi, I'm sakaki! Thanks for visiting my user space page ^-^

I'm an observing Buddhist and Gentoo user, currently living in London, UK.

To date, my main contribution to the Gentoo wiki is Sakaki's EFI Install Guide. It's a detailed walk-through showing how to install Gentoo on a UEFI PC, dual-booting with Windows (10 or 8), using secure boot, LVM-over-LUKS, dual-factor security, GNOME-3 etc. It started off as a something my husband wrote out for me (quite literally) on the back of an envelope ^-^ However, since I thought it'd be useful to clarify the process (for myself and others), because of the large number of interlocking steps, the install guide (and accompanying overlay) was born. To date, based on download counts, and emails received, I'd conservatively estimate that well over 1000 Gentoo systems (and counting) have been successfully installed following these instructions. The latest update to the guide covers the use of GNOME under OpenRC as the main flow (since this is now officially supported; use of systemd is still covered, in an alternative track).

Day to day, I work mainly with embedded systems. I am the maintainer of a bootable live-USB Gentoo image for the Excito B3 (an arm-based miniserver) and another for the B2 (its ppc-based little sister), as well as an Arch image for the B3, a Gentoo image for the USB armory, and a 64-bit Gentoo image for the RPi3 and RPi4. I'm currently working on RISC-V stuff.

I'm also very interested in cryptography, particularly quantum-hardened cryptosystems, but I don't generally, ahem, get to publish my work in that domain...

Please feel free to contact me at, or via my talk page.

My GPG public key fingerprint is 4120 B214 84A7 7647 4658 3909 31C8 0DB2 DDE7 6CEA.