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Remigiusz Micielski
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micielski (IRC)
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I'm 19 and, I like the ideas of solarpunk and permacomputing (did you know that you can host plants on a RPi?). In the future, I may start an open-source and humor-oriented peertube channel (when at least one of all the linux-available video editors will stop stegfaulting for me). I know some Rust and I may make some tools in the future related to Gentoo with it. Some ideas:

  • Rewrite Genkernel, but with additional features like an ON/OFF switch for support for AMD/Intel CPUs etc..
    • yes, I know, Genkernel does similar things, but not on the scale that I would like to eventually achieve
    • actually, I don't know what REALLY genkernel is doing, the source code is in bash, seems complicated, and I don't know bash very well
    • maybe one day when I'll have more experience with the development of the Linux kernel
    • and actually I started the development of it (like, really only started) and I'm not sure of its codebase architecture yet
  • "What could I maintain" - would print every package that IS_INSTALLED && (IS_ORPHANED || IS_OUTDATED) and similar
  • Test environment, as in Test environment
    • Would probably be a simple wrapper around chroot(1) (or chroot(2) maybe?)
    • Maybe could support other distros
    • Easy to install, easy to use CLI, small number of dependencies

If you're still here, you can tell me on IRC/email which idea you find most interesting and I might work towards it (some motivation wouldn't hurt). Oh, and by the way, we could play some Minetest together!


  • I've made a simple Gentoo wallpaper in the past: link. There could be more and fancier, but for some reason Blender decided to stop supporting "old" amd gpus after 2.93 :(