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These are just personal notes, please ignore this page.

(This mainly just goes of how most articles are already formatted)

To try to keep a coherent formatting style across the wiki, here are some guidelines on how to lay out the source markup for pages:

  • Don't use two spaces after a period. Those spaces just get removed by the web browser anyhow.
  • Use a blank line above and below headers ("==").
  • Include a blank line between paragraphs - a simple line break will get ignored.
  • Include a blank line before and after block-level layout elements.
  • Categories go at end of page, each on own line.
  • No empty line between elements of a bullet list: an empty line makes a new list, not just a new item.

Style hints that is not strictly markup related

  • Use a colon when introducing a block level layout element
  • don't include a space before a colon ":"