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Denis Reva
Contact info (XMPP)
Денис Рева

Hi, I'm Denis Reva, also known as RarogCmex. Nice to meet you. My native language is Russian (Русский), but I'm able to speak in English (You shouldn't sure to understand me however) RarogCmex.png


If you want to write me, then mail me. I'll answer when I'm able


I experience health issues that moment and very slow recover. So I tire very quickly. Don't wonder If my contributions contains some errors, however, every contribution in Gentoo is win for me.

Ebuilds that's I'm responsible ::guru

Here is packages that I support that time in GURU project

  • media-libs/amdvlk — AMD official Vulkan driver. Gentoo Bug

Ebuilds that's I was previously responsible ::guru

  • media-plugins/whysynth — An nice DSSI softsynth
  • media-sound/add64 — additive synthesizer
  • media-sound/6pm — 6 operator phase modulation synthesizer
  • media-sound/zita-ajbridge — a bridge between JACK and ALSA
  • dev-java/openjdk-sts-bin — like dev-java/openjdk-bin, but with short term support versions of java
  • app-editors/bluegriffon-bin — nextgen HTML, CSS and EPUB editor based on Mozilla Firefox engine
  • net-fs/hubicfuse — hubiC cloud connection filesystem
  • sys-kernel/dkms — dynamic kernel modules system from dell. Gentoo bug
  • www-apps/gogs — self-hosted Git service written in Go
  • acct-user/gogs — user for www-apps/gogs

Ebuilds that's I're previously responsible ::gentoo [Resigned!]

I've resigned since 2020-08-24. Ebuild that previously had mainlined in Gentoo ebuild tree:

  • media-sound/yoshimi (proxy maintainer)
  • dev-vcs/tortoisehg (proxy maintainer)