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Gentoo user since 2004
itThis user is a native speaker of Italian.
en-5This user is able to contribute with a professional level of English.


I am mostly available on IRC. You can find me on #e #gentoo and #gentoo-e with the nick rafspiny. If I am off the radar, you can always reach me through the website


I have a thirst for learning and engineering. I got a PhD in Computer Science in Italy in the 2014 and since that, I worked in UK for to years on micro-services architecture and analytics. After a brief return to my home-country I settle in Amsterdam where I currently live and work.

I am a Gentoo's user since 2006, and I decided it was time to start contributing, so here I am.


I maintain the enlightenment-live overlay with live ebuilds for the Enlightenment project. You can also find me involved with open source in general.