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You will need ixit overlay.

root #layman -a ixit

Install all necessary tools and kernel sources. Replace genkernel with genkernel-next when using systemd.

root #emerge --ask kernelconfig genkernel gentoo-sources

Note: You only need kernelconfig if you just want to check your kernel.


Add files to /etc/kernelconfig (create the directory if it doesn't exist). You may want to look at the examples in git.


You can let kernelconfig check configs in all known locations.

user $kernelconfig --check


You can use kernelconfig to build a new kernel using a combiation of genkernel's default config and configuration files in /etc/kernelconfig.

root #kernelconfig --build

When the kernel and initramfs are built, kernelconfig checks the resulting configuration file and prints out any missing options, i.e. options that didn't work. Don't forget to check the output.