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“Go through manpages one by one starting with portage, check the wiki, ask my self "Is this page intuitive to navigate? can I find what I'm looking for? does this make sense? etc. (User Experience)”


  1. Move existing documentation from gitweb.g.o, fragmented portions on wiki.g.o, etc. to wiki page
  • Organize topics (maybe by keyword)
  • Cleanup out-of-date keywording where necessary


>> A machine to create pre-compiled bins and for that to be usable for
>> all other devices.
>> depending on the host utils.
  • Centralize documentation into clear and concise pages from:


  • Include options via binpkgs

Atomic Updates

  1. WIP

>What would perhaps be more useful is looking at better backup tools
>and trying to integrate things like snapshots with Portage better,

>or even (and this is a huge job),

>atomic updates in Portage
>(see e.g. bug, but also how if you're
>in the middle of a big Qt upgrade, you can't open any new Qt apps.
>Imagine if Portage created binpkgs of everything then merged them
>all at the same time instead. It'd reduce the downtime period

bug #509912

Compile Android On Android With Gentoo

Test → Break Stuff → Document → Ask myself questions (wip) → Fix → Repeat

-0. σx=🝪
+0. Bootstrap environment and ./configure minimal build system

  1. Research and document aarch64-android-linux-gnu, aarch64-android-linux-musl, etc and reasearch relevancy
  2. Work on building 0 BDEPENDs desktop environment on mobile
  3. Cross compile binpkgs on phone for pc (?)
  4. Implement GKI 2 Docker kernel module
  5. WIP

“What's this about? What is the goal for Gentoo and binpks? Is there a plan?”


1. 𑀲𑀓𑁆𑀬𑀫𑀼𑀦𑀻