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Name Jesus Rivero
Nickname neurogeek (www.g.o link)

Is active No

About me

I'm a retired Gentoo developer interested in programming languages, especially Python/Go/C++/Haskell and Object-Oriented and Concurrent Programming.


  • Rivero, J. "Anonymizing your Online Presence with Tor", Hakin9 IT Security Magazine, N. 12, Vol. 6, pp 22, December 2011.
  • Rivero, J. "Import Hooks for Encrypted Python Modules", Hakin9 Magazine, N. 10, Vol. 6, pp 26, October 2011.

GSoC 2011

Once again, this year I participated in the Google Summer of Code as a mentor for Gentoo. The project was called Autodep and its aim was to produce a tool to check the DEPEND and RDEPEND of ebuilds automatically, featuring things like blocking access to non-dependancy files from packages. It turned out quite well and the student, Alexander Bersenev, worked really hard to finish the project. He is also using one of the clusters he has access to in his university to check the whole portage tree for packages missing dependencies. Quite cool, isn't it?.

You can find the project code [Here|;a=summary].

GSoC 2010

This was my first year in the Google Summer of Code program and I started as a mentor for Gentoo. The proposed project was to resucitate a dead, but awesome project, called G-Pypi, as in Gentoo-Python-Package-Index. This tool, written by Rob Cakebread (pythonhead) grabbed packages from PYPI and created ebuild from them, reading the metadata and dependencies from the package itself. It was pretty cool but with PYPI not being able to force a naming scheme for the contributor (thing that sucks big time), we had to fix some things to make it work better. Plus, there has been some changes to the python and distutils eclasses, so, we also had to adapt to it. [Domen Kozar|] was the student for this project and he did a great job. Actually he is working again on g-pypi. Pretty awesome.

You can find the code [Here|] and the docs [Here|].