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Neil Rieck

Hello. My name is Neil Rieck. I am currently employed by Bell-ATS (Bell Advanced Technical Services) which is a small division within Bell Canada.

caveat: none of my comments here represent the views of Bell Canada.

I recently acquired a couple "HP rx2660" servers. One will replace an "Alpha Server DS20e" we purchased from Compaq. I have decided to use the second Itanium to install Gentoo so we can play with MariaDB-10.0.25

If you don't mind me saying, the Gentoo IA64 installation guide is in pretty rough shape. So much so that if you follow the instructions verbatim then you will fail. It took about a week (working part time) to get Gentoo IA64 properly installed on the hard drive of this rx2660 when I was reminded of a line from the sci-fi movie classic "This Island Universe" saying "You have assembled an Interocitor; a feat which few men are capable". Interocitor indeed!

Anyway, please check out the comments I have placed in the talk-pages of the IA64 installation guide.

My personal home page:
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Neilrieck (talk) 16:05, 9 October 2016 (UTC)