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The History

A long time ago I was offered a Mudan motherboard. It served as a Raspberry Pi3 and Raspberry Pi4 arm64 build box. With 8 cores adequate cooing and enough RAM to build in RAM, it built for my Pi3, Pi4 and Asus R13 Chromebook for several years.

A year or so ago it was retired in favour of a Hawk. With more RAM and more cores, it built things faster.

The Mudan used the first ever arm64 CPU. Just armv8-a+nothing. It was the only one ever with no extensions.

The Hawk is a later iteration.

Pi3 and Pi4

That just worked. At least, I'm unaware of any problems, which may not be the same thing.

Pi 5

The Pi 5 is armv8.2a+crypto.

That's going to be more difficult to build for on the Hawk.

So far building gcc fails with an illegal instruction.