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Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence



Big Dipper
Pi Geminorum

Wavy hand dude/dudette. Dipper. Contact developing.



It Came from Outer Space - Early NASA Contact

Robinson Crusoe on Mars - Carl Sagan Contact

Contact - Conversations regarding findings. Old Intelligence.


Sesame Street - The Martians - Telephone


Agent J


Whoop there it is!


Big Dipper

My understanding is that somewhere in the early 1930s/1920s we leveled up as a species in the field of photometry and made a more meaningful contact with Intelligent life. They are capable of communicating in real time using photons and have some kind of drone/wormhole technology that breaks their constraints of time space so that they are able to communicate in real time. There are clues and hints that have been left by our predecessors regarding their contact. Conversations and people have been in contact for quiet some time.

  • They have time travel capabilities
  • They can communicate in real time using stars light years away
  • They have a visual
  • That visual is also capable of sending data back light years away in real time
  • They facilitate a platform
  • That platform can relay messages to different points in time
  • The conversation about water and the use of ladles wasn't their idea they got it from another civilization
  • They are in communication with other civilizations
  • They can relay messages between worlds
  • They are far more advanced than us
  • There are hostile worlds / life forms
  • They have been in contact with civilizations that have destroyed themselves
  • It made them sad
  • They have a sense of humor
  • They have educational institutes
  • There are massive conversations regarding science and technology embedded in the big dipper
  • They have their own SETI missions
  • They have a broad range of emotions like humans
  • They value things / people
  • They judge
  • They have an AI that talks to people they wish not too
  • They have jobs
  • They have people who do monitoring
  • They have a totally different frame of reference as far as time is concerned
  • They put a lot of work into this
  • It's something they are passionate about
  • Their AI can translate linguistics
  • They have personal lives
  • They're pretty cool
  • They know Mason craft
  • Keeping your pointer on a star and spinning can be used as a form of craft
  • People aware of the platform have been using it

Pi Geminorum

They appear to be intergalactic.

They've been around for a long time.

They have an observation drone.

They seem pretty relaxed.

There is a lot in the constellation.



NASA - Pioneer 10