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This is a placeholder article to capture information pertaining to building and maintaining a Gentoo-based rescue CD. Recent changes to SystemRescueCd has resulted in a DVD which is Arch Linux-based (and therefore systemd-based)[1]. Present Gentoo install medium includes a minimal CD and a Hybrid ISO DVD.

Two approaches have been proposed to permit a capable RescueCD

  1. Take the last Gentoo based SystemRescueCD, update and rebuild
  2. Build off of the RelEng liveCD with needed tools

The second option has been chosen as bootstrapping off SystemRescueCD, while potentially would produce a viable product quicker, still has the issue that it is seeded from a depreciated ISO. Likewise attempts to update the systemresuceCD suffered build issues.

Providing documented steps as to how to create from the RelEng repository equally ensure the recreation steps are known and do not rely on some old archive.

RescueCD World file

The resultant, stripped RescueCD should include the following packages

  1. WM - THe tool should permit booting to a desktop with a minimal footprint. IceWM
  2. Rescue tools
  • PartImage - disk imaging
  • TestDisk - for recovery of deleted files
  • GParted - for graphically managing partitions
  • Netsurf - lightweight webbrowser

SysML model of Usecases to be investigated to capture the needs and relationship to requirements to provide context aware justification as to why certain USE flags enabled or packages included.

Build Standards

  1. Reproduce releng minimal CD to ensure steps are understood
  2. Add a number of minimal rescue tools to prove additional packages can be accomodated
  3. Incorporate xorg and minimal desktop

Build process

insert steps

GRUB_PLATFORMS="efi-64 efi-32"

Kernel kconfig

* Checking for suitable kernel configuration options...
*   CONFIG_DM_MULTIPATH:	 is not set when it should be.

External resources


  1. SystemRescueCd change log, February 2nd, 2019. Retrieved on March 6th, 2019.