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Hi ! My name is Gabriel Duque but you can call me naganori-san ! I'm from Paris and am a student in a French computer science engineering school called EPITA.

Although I'm a fan of computer science in general and mostly anything from the Linux/UNIX world interests me, what I really love is system programming and security. I have been using Gentoo since 2016 (yeah I know pretty recent) coming from Arch and have never looked back.

I would love to become a Gentoo developer and contribute to the project with the few knowledge I have. Like I said, most of the stuff I know is about security, networking and Linux system administration in general.

I can be contacted at or on the Gentoo IRC channels.

My GPG public key fingerprint is: D1EC 01B2 6A8C B827 3271 5A3C A0A5 5A8E 4635 4DAE.