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Gentoo user since 2004
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Female (she/them)
Germany (UTC+1)
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About me

I've been introduced to MS-DOS and QBasic while in primary school, and used to write software mostly on paper. My parents got a computer a few years later, and I got my own computer at age 11 (a Pentium-90), and started to learn C by age 12.

I started using Linux regularly in 1999 (SuSE-Linux) and by 2001 mostly only used Windows for gaming.

In 2004 I bought my then dream computer, a dual 1.6GHz Operon machine. Since I now had a 64bit computer, I wanted to run a 64bit OS on it. I tried a few 64bit distributions, but at the time I was fed up by the limitations of the configuration tools, that often just replaced my carefully crafted config files, even if I didn't change that aspect of the configuration in the tool. When I tried Gentoo I quickly fell in love.

Not only was the x86_64 support one of the best at the time, I could also compile some packages in a x86 chroot to run 32bit software. This was quite important, since trying to watch a DVD with the 64bit mplayer using xv and AC-3 audio ate up both CPUs and stuttered heavily. I could easily play the audio only with moderate CPU load, or the video only, with one CPU decoding the video without audio, where the video decoder would run at 80-90% load on one CPU and the xv rendering the image causing about 80-90% load on the other CPU. Running the same in 32bit software, where some assembly was used to speed up things, I could easlily watch a DVD with about 5-10% load on both CPUs.

‍ 🌈 Queer Identity and Neurodiversity

I found out I'm autistic in the late 2000s, started to transition in late 2019 (I'm a non-binary trans woman), and realized that we are a plural system (with 5 alters, System name: NaK-System) in 2020.


Framework 16 Laptop (DIY Edition)

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS
  • Memort: 2× 32GB DDR5 Kingston RAM
  • Storage:
    • WD-Black SN770 2TB
    • WD-Black SN770M 1TB
  • Expansion Bay:
    • Graphics Module (AMD Radeon RX7700S)
    • Expansion Bay Shell
  • Input Modules:
    • ANSI US-English RGB Keyboard
    • Numpad Module
  • Expansion Cards:
    • 3× USB-C
    • 3× USB-A
    • 1× Ethernet (2.5GBit, RTL8156)
    • 1× Audio
    • 1× Display Port
    • 1x HDMI


Framework 16 Laptop

OS Setup

Current state at 2024-05-19:

Development Environment

  • C/C++: JetBrains CLion Nova
  • Python: JetBrains PyCharm Professional
  • Scheme: DrRacket