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Hi, I'm Mark.

What am I?

This user loves attention. Any form of attention makes him happy. Treat with caution.
  • A selfless human being.
  • The powerhouse of procrastination.

Who am I?

  • Computer Scientist at Università degli Studi di Parma (UniPR).
  • Linux & FOSS enthusiast (I also use arch, btw).
  • Artist.

You SHOULD NOT check out my portfolio, because it will probably be down.

You SHOULD check out my Deviantart (inspiration revolves, twice a year).


  • @MarkGotLasagna (Discord)
  • @MarkGotLasagna (Telegram)


  • PizzaSpaghetLasagna (Reddit)
  • MarkGotLasagna (MyAnimeList)