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<lucyd> hi. i want to take up "Accelerated security bug filing" as a gsoc project. i've sent a mail to but no response yet. can somebody give more details about the project please? <dol-sen> lucyd, did you subscribe to the list? <lucyd> yes <dol-sen> lucyd, you Sreenatha? <lucyd> yes <dol-sen> ok, I see it, so it wasn't sent with the wrong email to get blocked ok, That's ago's ago: you have unanswered gsoc email in the -soc list <lucyd> my email was blocked from the list? why ? <dol-sen> his is such an easy nick to highlight, he has to be specicly called <dol-sen> lucyd, no it wasn't <lucyd> okay thanks <dol-sen> if you sent it with a different email than you subscibed, it would have been blocked happened to one student already this year <lucyd> do you happen to know any simple bugs regarding my project that I can fix ? <dol-sen> not really offhand but no rush, there's lots of time <lucyd> so i can submit bugfixes after the application deadline ? <dol-sen> but be advised, the project is probably after a cli client more than a gui as long as it is done before our evaluation deadline <lucyd> thanks for the heads up <dol-sen> so start planning your project to focus on the cli with a gui if time permits if you do the code right, it should be easy to swap out a cli interface for a gui <lucyd> true are there any similar gentoo projects? * dol-sen is about api's in code, not having working code embedded in the cli <twitch153> Whoa, total black out. <dol-sen> twitch153, it's about time you get back <twitch153> I didn't even realize I was gone haha I was like "whoa, things go quiet real quick". <dol-sen> lucyd, I know very little about it, sorry <twitch153> In the mean time I finished another end quiz question. <dol-sen> you missed a nice conversation with lucyd <twitch153> Awww, that sucks. <dol-sen> lucyd, you getting use to using gentoo yet? <twitch153> I can't believe it's only been a year since I first struggled setting up my first Gentoo VM. xD <lucyd> yeah I'm still playing around with it and getting used to it. i like how easy it is to customize gentoo <twitch153> lucyd, that is one of my favorite things about Gentoo. <dol-sen> lucyd, bug 415991 <willikins> dol-sen: "www-client/pybugz prints unneeded/unwanted escape sequence"; Gentoo Linux, Ebuilds; CONF; underling:williamh <dol-sen> that one looks like a good bug to fix <twitch153> This is my current Gentoo setup :D <dol-sen> what desktop env? <lucyd> wow thanks guys i will look into it <twitch153> Gnome2. * dol-sen didn't like gnome3 <twitch153> I didn't either. * dol-sen uses xfce4